Русский Стяг – Русский воин!

A brave heart does not want peace
A brave heart is not to sleep
Brave heart goes into battle
Battling not sparing the stomach.

Death, death is not terrible
Fight to the finish!
Enough to fill his belly!
Russia’s time to release!

He’s tired of looking at the death of their friends
He does not wait for handouts from the enemies of guest
He does not seek the truth in media sales
He – valiant warrior native land.

Not a democrat, not a moral monster,
Not a communist, not a communist!!!
He – a National Socialist.

Russian warrior – a stronghold of native land
Russian warrior – for Russia is a mountain
Russian warrior – he will not betray his friends
Russian warrior – the pride of my country.

Just cause, blood, homeland and faith!
Just cause, blood, homeland and faith!
Blood, Motherland, Faith!

Live by the banner of truth and conscience carry it proudly!
At gate of evil rise up the wall on the way!
Proudly lift your head up!
All of me, all destroyed, all the victories!


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